Flanges for wet areas

Flange for wet areas – used in sealing of pipe and cable penetrations in walls and floors in wet areas like bathrooms and sink cabinets.

Stosett Lowtop with Radonix sealing tape and Stosett Magnum

This flange is made of soft PVC and can be mounted in two ways, either pull the flange over the free end of the pipe or if the tube is connected, first cut it up and put it around the pipe. The joint must then be glued and may be fixed with TopFix clamp, in both cases, the flange is glued to the floor. We recommend that the glue Aqua Tät is used for best results.

Stosett Lowtop available for pipe diameters (mm): 8-12, 11-15, 13-17, 15-19, 18-22, 21-26, 26-31, 30-35, 35-42
Stosett Magnum available for pipe diameters (mm): 45-55, 55-70, 70-80, 40-90/110, 100-127 och 123-148


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