Radon flanges

Ideal for sealing of tubes, pipes, hoses and cables for casting the concrete. Protection against radon

Stosett PE.R.I.

This is a flange of polyethylene used in floor penetrations to the ground and embedded entirely in the concrete for protection from radon and other soil gases. When casting the concrete above the flange to be about 20 mm thick. This flange is fixed with the help of silver tape.

To seal pipes in new constructions is the easiest and most cost-effective measure, when it comes to stopping the leakage of radon. Cheaper to perform than to examine the soil radon concentration.

Stosett PERI available for pipe diameters(mm): 21-25, 25-29, 29-33, 38-42, 45-55, 55-70, 70-80, 100-127 and 123-148


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