Stosett E.V.A. – grommet for sink cabinet

E.V.A. is a patented grommet connection for dishwashers in the kitchen sink cabinet.

Stosett E.V.A. (Electricity – Water – Sewer)

E.V.A. is a patented grommet for dishwasher connections in the sink cabinet and provides effective protection against water damage from sink cabinet. It is made of ABS – plastic, available in gray and has dimensions 84mm. At the assembly is glued on to the bottom plate of aluminum, polystyrene or limba plastic mat. See assembly instructions and pictures. We recommend Aqua Tät adhesive.

Did you know …
One in four water damage in the home occur in the kitchen – drip leaks are most often the cause. Do it right from the beginning, dense with E.V.A. More tips on how to avoid water damage can be found at Folksam.


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